Cutting edge HMS @ Grand Ambassador Seoul

In recent editions of the SMARTreport, we covered a trial, at Seoul’s Grand Ambassador Hotel, of a new Hotel Management System by Samsung that allows guests to manage all functions of their room via their TV. Curious to know whether this was just hype or something really useful, our management and editorial staff recently stayed at the hotel, and tried out one of the “concept” rooms.

The first difference one notices is the TV remote control, which is very modern and resembles the most recent remote controls one can find in consumer TVs. While there is a user notice, as the system is highly intuitive, it’s simple to find one’s way without added directions.

Switching on the TV, you automatically get a specific menu for all in-room controls. It is fun to play with, but at the end of the day, it is frankly very useful, so it is fair to say this is not a gadget. If you don’t want to use the TV as an interface, there is a dashboard that gives the same functions right next to the bed – quite useful for the night or the morning when you don’t feel like switching on the TV. Our hats are off to the Grand Ambassador for leading with trials of this cutting edge technology.

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