When a mirage becomes reality, it is the Selman Marrakech…

At the foot of the Atlas Mountains, away from the hustle of the medina, what seemed like only a mirage has become a reality: Selman Marrakech, a palace of distinct, sublime and alluring charm.

Selman_Marrakech_Morocco_Room.jpgPassing through the immense portico, the gaze is drawn over the whole property by the geometry of the facades and gardens dotted with fountains, creating a sublime harmony. Across the Mechouar, the traveller gets a glimpse of the interior, a sensual contrast to the grandeur of the exterior.

Designed by Jacques Garcia and built by the best artisans, Selman Marrakech seduces with its timeless harmony. At this intimate, personal and family owned property, each guest shares in the joy, love and dreams of their warm and passionate hosts. In this timeless palace whose construction was the vision of the owner, the art of traditional Moroccan hospitality has been revived. Precious moments are embodied in the presence of the beautiful thoroughbred Arabian horses, symbols of a bygone grandeur, which capture the spirit of Selman Marrakech and invite the joy of living.


There are views of the horses from the terraces and the gardens where one can admire the majesty and poise of these creatures. Moments of pure grace add to the perfection of this timeless encounter. An essential and unedited experience, a return to the source of forgotten luxury, now found again under the light of the Selman Marrakech’s stars.


Pur-sang_arabe_Horse_Marrakech_Morocco.jpgThe establishment’s owners, Saida and Abdeslam Bennani Smires, welcome friends and travellers as if into their own home. “I wanted to create a unique hotel project that offered the traveller a strong portrayal of our culture. The horse, profoundly linked to our history, seemed to me to perfectly encapsulate the spirit. I’ve had a chance to visit the most beautiful stables in the world, and each time it was an incredible experience. I wanted to be able to offer people the chance to gain access to and share in this otherwise closed equestrian world, to which access is normally only afforded by the invitation of horse owners. I want the guest to be able to enjoy the experience in all its glory. Through doing so, the guest experiences a sense of sharing which is a principle so dear to the Moroccan people,” says Abdeslam Bennani Smires.