Numerous studies all point to the same fact: originality, innovation, quality, and above all variety, are becoming essential ingredients in the F&B offering. Increasingly today in more “savvy” high-end establishments, a much broader choice is being offered for clients when it comes to F&B.

A perfect case at hand is the Grand Ambassador Seoul, which offers an extraordinary range of culinary experiences. At the King’s Premium Live Buffet, no less than 30 chefs stand ready to cook and serve at each of the sections, raging from fresh seafood, grilled meat, Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine to a mindboggling array of desserts.


Its Japanese restaurant, Sushi Hyo, is run by Chef Ahn Hyo-ju, named as Korea’s “Mr Sushi King” during a cooking reality show, and is renowned as one of the best sushi restaurants in Seoul among gastronomes in Korea.

The hotel’s Chinese Restaurant, “Hongbogak”, meanwhile, specialising in Gwangdong and Sichuan cuisines, is run by Lui Ching Lai, president of the Korean Chinese Cuisine Association and a vice president of Korea Foodservice Industry Association.

Bars and cafés add to the recipe to make what can only be described as exceptional culinary coverage – at the forefront of industry trends.