Overall trends for outgoing and incoming tourism still positive across the continent…

According to the World Tourism Organisation, Europe, the world’s most visited region, consolidated its healthy growth of recent years in the first half of 2016, with a 4% Y/Y rise. Northern Europe and Central and Eastern Europe (both at +6%) in the lead, were followed by Southern and Mediterranean Europe (+4%) and Western Europe (+3%).


IPK’s World Travel Monitor states that Europeans undertook 444 million international trips (with overnights). Mean length of stay abroad was 7.9 nights per trip and mean spending per trip was 825 Euro. With an average growth rate per year of 2 to 3% over the last years, Europe has a moderately growing outbound rate, yet on a high volume-level.

The biggest European outbound travel market is Germany with a share of 17% of all European outbound trips followed by Great Britain (14%) and France (8%).

The by far most outbound trips of the Europeans are to destinations within Europe (85%), 7% travel to Asia-Pacific, 4% each to the Americas and Africa.

86% of European outbound travel is for holiday and other leisure motivations, whereas 14% are business trips. Most popular outbound holiday types are sun & beach holidays (33%), city trips (21%) and tours (18%). The main motives for outbound holiday trips are relaxing, a good cuisine, sight-seeing, shopping, sunbathing and swimming. 51% of European outbound travellers go abroad by plane and 31% travel by car. 56% of travellers stay at hotels with a clear preference for upper class hotels (about 60% of hotel stays).


european_travel_destination_of_international_travellers_ipk_European destinations welcome around 411 million international overnight visitors per year. The average spending per visitor in Europe is about 800 Euro per trip and the mean length of stay is about 7 nights. The most visited travel destinations in Europe are Spain (14%) and Germany (13%), followed by France (11%) and Italy (9%). Also UK (7%), as well as Austria and Turkey (6% each) are important destinations for international travellers to Europe.

85% of the international visitors to Europe come for holiday / leisure and 15% for a business purpose. The main holiday types in relation to Europe are tours and city trips (40%) followed by sun & beach holidays (31%). 50% of international visitors to Europe come by plane, 32% come by car, 8% by bus and 6% came by train. The preferred accommodation type of international visitors in Europe is the hotel with a 56% share, of which 60% are spent in the upper class category.

Most visitors to Europe come from Europe itself (89%). Major markets of origin are Germany (17%), UK (11%), France (6%) and the Netherlands (5%)