IN THE FIELD WITH DAVID ESSERYK- Part 13 / The Place of In-Room Technologies with Regard to BYOD & BYOC


In the first of a series of articles on the spiny topic of how to cater for guests with their own devices and content, AccorHotels Group’s Vice President Guest Technology & Innovation, David Esseryk, outlines the key issues at stake.


As a growing percentage of the population now own some kind of smart device (Phone or Tablet), it’s only logical that they will bring it with them when they come to stay at your hotel. More importantly, they expect to be able to use their device at your hotel as they do at home. This is where the challenge lies, so let’s take a closer look at some of the issues that this BYOD and BYOC revolution are creating for hotels.

Why are more of my guests demanding wireless?

The portable devices that your guests are bringing depend on wireless Internet connectivity. This means that there is a greater demand for wireless at your hotel. It also means a greater demand for hotel-wide wireless. Guests now expect wireless to be available everywhere on your property, in the guest rooms, restaurants and also areas such as by the pool.

Why are guests complaining about my wireless coverage?

Wireless antennas on tablets and smart phones are not as efficient as those on laptops. This may mean that your existing wireless infrastructure (which was probably designed to support laptops) does not provide adequate coverage for other portable devices. As a result, guests may not be able to access the WiFi from certain locations; and this is what we call a ‘black spot’. Generally additional Wireless Access Points need to be added to the network to address this.