Samsung brings new ideas to the market for greater efficiency and guest comfort

Samsung has totally “rethought” its offering in the hotel sector, and is now a full-service provider, with a highly dynamic offering. We asked Piotr Lipiec Senior Business Development Manager, Hospitality TV Europe to tell us more…

The Hospitality market is already very well developed and serviced by manufacturers and integrators. Therefore in order to differentiate and bring enhanced value to the customer, one must be more than the technical specs of the product sheet.

The main focus of the Samsung Electronics Hospitality team is on ensuring that we bring solutions to market which meet the stated needs of our customers, focusing on ensuring compatibility with other solutions, ensuring simplicity of integration and driving cost savings through efficiency.

With our broader focus on supporting a world of connected devices – Smart Things – everything we do in Hospitality now ensures the connected experience is as seamless and engaging as possible for our customers.

With our extensive resources in R&D, and a good ear for listening to our customers, we are able to drive the market forward as an innovator that leads, rather than follow. This ensures our customers too are able lead in their competitive landscapes.

How can you help hoteliers gain in efficiency?

Hotel Chains and independent hotels are looking to work smarter, be more efficient and become more profitable. Our Hospitality TV portfolio is designed to support these client goals.

For example we recently brought our HMS (Hospitality Management System) offering to market. This was a direct response to our customers’ demands for a centralised in-room control management solution for hotel room TV that communicates with all smart gateways and controller (z-Wave, ZigBee) in the smart hotel room. Temperature, air conditioning, lighting, room mood, drapers, and housekeeping are all functionalities that can be managed by the Samsung Smart HTV System.


Based on research and findings following our first installations it is clear that automation of the room management was able to deliver savings of 20-30% on electricity (per room) and additional workload compared to rooms without this technology.

Another great example would be our ALL-IP solution (Smart Hospitality TV with in-built Docsis 3.0 modem), which provides HSIA and interactive TV systems to the legacy installations, (customers with legacy Coax infrastructure). Based on the research done by our Partner Teleste, a concept site with 120 hotel rooms might expect as much as 50% savings by using our solution, when compared to the cost of replacement or implementing a new IP infrastructure at a hotel.

Finally, our LYNK REACH solution offers central and remote management of the TV, simple infotainment system with a builtin revenue generator – a specially dedicated tool allowing to promote hotel facilities and services by the scheduled popup on the TV, while watching it by the guest in the rooms. It enables the creation of an additional stream of hotel revenue at the bar or spa, since not all of the guests know about all possibilities at the hotel and around it.

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