The Renaissance Malmö leverages new coaxial-based network upgrade to stay a step ahead of the game

The Renaissance Malmö Hotel is a four star, historically stylish hotel in the very heart of Malmö; the first Marriott hotel in Sweden and was named the country’s best hotel by Trip Advisor. But staying number one means thinking ahead, so the hotel’s management decided to upgrade the property’s network in such a way as to match the luxury of its 128 rooms. Quadriga was chosen as a technical partner, having a longstanding relationship with Marriott and its various brands across the globe. Due to the building being listed and Marriott wishing to keep all its traditional aesthetics, Quadriga needed to supply a seamless, connected ultra-fast solution without the hassle of drilling into walls and future proof the property in the process.


Renaissance_Malmö_Marriott_Hotel_Sweden.jpgQuadriga decided that CoCo – a network solution that converts an existing coaxial TV network into IP to deliver carrier grade broadband speeds – would be the best option for the Renaissance Malmö. This was the first WiFi over CoCo installation in Sweden and allowed all 128 rooms to have individual, in-room Ruckus access points and a Cisco cable modem that converts the cable signal via a single head end in the basement. Filip Hector, Sales Manager of Quadriga Sweden commented, “The solution is currently offering an excellent guest speed of 50-60Mb/s and coverage/ signal levels are really good. This project reaffirms our commitment to providing guests with a better than home experience and hoteliers with a solution that increases revenue.”


As well as benefitting from better speeds for their guests, Renaissance Malmö will also be able to take advantage of customisable landing pages that will enhance branding opportunities. Jimmy Dahlberg, Hotel Manager at Renaissance Malmö explains, “Today’s hotel guests have made it very clear that reliable internet access is a necessity from any location and not just in the hotel reception. As one of Sweden’s most distinguished hotels, we pride ourselves on our service levels, so it’s vital to deliver the latest in hotel technology to keep our guests happy.”