Philips Professional Display Solutions offer game changing innovations for the hotelier

Over the past decade, televisions have moved far beyond their traditional role of providing in-room entertainment. Within the hospitality sector, displays have become a full- edged communications platform in their own right. We asked Franck Racapé – EMEA sales director, Philips Hospitality TV & Signage Solutions what differentiates his offering for hoteliers…

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Franck Racapé, EMEA Sales Director, Philips Hospitality TV & Signage Solutions

Everywhere a hotelier places a screen, from the reception and bar to conference facilities and guest rooms, provides an opportunity to engage with guests at a personal level. Philips Professional display solutions allow hoteliers to tailor communications to match their objectives as well as the needs and desires of guests. With hospitality TVs, one can enhance customer service, reinforce brand values and increase revenue by promoting additional services such as restaurant or spa. Furthermore the latest innovations in Philips hospitality TVs enable hoteliers to manage and upgrade all their TVs, plus customise content and messaging from a single, centralised system. Philips Professional display solutions now has a wide range of displays to choose from, with a combination of signage solutions as well as hospitality TVs. This all comes with content that can be updated to any of our connected displays in real time, from any location. With the Content Management System “CMND”, it’s easy to show what you want, when you want. While CMND is a new innovation AmbiLux and Android are also  innovations for 2016. Please tell us more…

…The latest innovations in Philips hospitality TVs give you the ability to manage and upgrade all your TVs, plus customised content and messaging from a single, centralised system

Our new Android OS will be integrated in selected signage solutions and Hospitality TV displays. In- room, the benefit is the faster processing power of Android OS, access to Android apps, and the possibility to integrate more features in the UI. For digital signage, the bene t is easier installation, lower costs, and the ability to play robust content directly from the display. We are very enthusiastic to be able to bring such a disruptive innovation to the market. Our AmbiLux will give a unique and immersive

experience of showing content, but it can also be a beautiful eye-catcher with its sleek design and authentic materials.

What are your ambitions for the upcoming year? With large international hotel chains forming one of our most important client bases, our ultimate goal is to be able to meet with and support our partners wherever they may be. While focused on primarily Europe for many years, we have recently drastically increased our footprint in Asia and the Middle East for Hospitality TV as well as Signage Solutions.


Philips hospitality TV is built around four different product lines; Studio, Easy Suite, Media Suite, and Signature, with a focus on our core innovations such as ‘CMND’ with its modules CMND & Control and CMND & Create. CMND & Control is a server-based solution that gives hoteliers the ability to control all of their individual TVs from one centrally- managed system. It completely eliminates the hassle (and related costs) of going room to room to perform maintenance, update channel frequencies or reconfigure settings. CMND & Create is a unique interface for managing all guest-facing communications. It allows you to provide branded content and custom promotions, with the user friendly interface, still controlled through a single centralized system.

Philips Professional Display Solutions are the rst to bring the Android interface to this market. Thanks to the latest Android interface, guests can access to the world’s largest operating system. Thanks to the latest D-line range of TVs, extra connectivity adds true value to the hotel’s proposition. D-line benefits include developing and playing one’s own Android apps, directly from the display, enhanced connectivity with an mPCIe slot (featuring LTE, extra Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity). That can allow Machine to Machine communication and ad hoc creation of a local network to bring intelligence and analytics through the Displays.