Catering to the “see and be seen” crowd

During ILTM Cannes, we had the great pleasure of meeting Nadine Brady, Head of Travel at Limelight Collection, based in the UK. We asked her to tell us a little more about the kind of clients with whom her group works…

We work mainly with footballers and entertainment people. As an offshoot, Limelight Escapes also offers our travel service to a larger database of non-profiled high net worth individuals who also appreciate the finer things in life.

When attending trade shows such as ILTM, what are you primarily seeking?
I’m looking to strengthen my existing relationships and discover new hotels and brands that I think fit with our client base. As we look after high profile people, I will always seek out contacts who I can lean on to flag our members as VIPs and look to gain extra benefits such as complimentary upgrades and VIP status.
What are your trending destinations?
Croatia and Philippines are out and Marbella and Maldives are in. Footballers in particular still love Dubai, although we try to encourage them to go further a field. As we offer a personal assistant service for all parts of their life, we get to know our clients really well and can build a high level of trust and understanding.
Our key destinations are USA, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Europe and as mentioned, Dubai. The most influential trend which affects our client base are the hotels that have a real understanding of a client’s lifestyle and the fact that it’s no longer just about providing home comforts but also providing a more specialised offering to fit with how the clients live their life at home whether that is offering paddle board yoga, specialised diet, wellness within the spa plus the means for them to use whatever technology they love at home throughout the resort.
Our clients also love hotels with a strong brand affiliation whether that be the hotel itself, access to designer shopping or aspirational branded restaurants such as Nobu or Zuma.