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Paramount Hotels & Resorts aims for rapid development in coming years

Paramount is an unmistakable brand name in the world. Indeed, the basis of the Paramount Hotels & Resorts logo is the mountain and the 22 stars of the Paramount pictures corporation. We asked Thomas van Vliet – CEO – Paramount Hotels & Resorts how important this image is…


Thomas van Vliet, CEO, Paramount Hotels & Resorts 

Once people notice the logo, it reminds them immediately of the Hollywood-based company renowned for over a hundred years of top-end movie making. It’s one of the top twenty most recognizable logos in the world. It’s an assurance of quality, and a very clear differentiation from other luxury lifestyle brands, with strong marketability and value creation, and at the same time it creates a guest expectation about a hotel experience linked to the Paramount Pictures Studio.

Each of our hotels will be unique and along the lines of the studio model, they will be conceived as a major release and developed by a team of highly creative people working together to direct, design and detail an exceptional experience with the reassuring signatures of the Paramount Hotels & Resorts brand, complemented by accents of local color. They will produce experiences that will be unmistakable and unforgettable, centered on the California lifestyle and Hollywood glamour, conveying experience elements such as “cosmopolitan”, “melting pot”, “al fresco”, “customized”, “cool”, “active”, “stylish”, “fresh”, “vibrant”, “carefree, “timeless”, “beautiful”, “red carpet”, “dramatic” and “elegant”.

Paramount Pictures evokes words like “creativity” and “entertainment” and in its footsteps, Paramount Hotels & Resorts will create an innovative and refreshing experience.

Which key property developments are being spotlighted today and what makes them stand out?

Our key development project at the moment is Damac Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts Dubai, located in the design district of Dubai. It consists of four 250 meter high towers, one of which a hotel with 801 guest rooms and suites along with three residential towers with 1140 serviced residences. All four towers are interconnected by various podiums with F&B outlets, meetings & events facilities, screening rooms, wellness & fitness centers, swimming pools, retail outlets and a kids’ studio club.

The overall style of our hotels is going to be timeless Hollywood elegance with contemporary styling

The project is well under way, and the soft opening is scheduled for late 2016/early 2017. At the same time, six other projects, all of which so called “greenfield” developments, are in various stages of construction.

We also signed an exclusivity agreement with a developer for another four properties in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Interest in the brand is very strong, and we are in negotiation with other developers and owners around the word for other properties, primarily in capital and gateway cities as well as key resort destinations.

Our goal is to have at least 15 properties operating before 2020, with many more in the development pipeline.