Maximizing Guest Satisfaction and On-Property Value

Promise made, promise kept – over and over by Quadriga…but where’s it all headed?

As the market for technologies in hospitality continues to grow in complexity, hoteliers are increasingly turning to major players with solid arguments. We asked Roger Taylor, CEO of Quadriga Worldwide and Chris Sophinos, CEO of Quadriga Americas, LLC, what the key stakes are today for their customers and how their company helps…

Roger Taylor: The commitment that Quadriga makes to hoteliers is about maximizing guest satisfaction or maximizing on-property value through guest technology provision. When we think about the technology needs of a hotel operator today, we have to keep coming back to these key criteria. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in fancy technology, but if it isn’t improving guest satisfaction or property value then we have missed satisfying the key objectives of the hotel.

(…) our system is the most flexible and most powerful in terms of the UI experience

Two years after the integration of NXsystems by Quadriga, how are things going for you in the States?

Chris Sophinos: I would sum it up as “exceptionally well”. We’ve made strong strides in expanding the Quadriga brand throughout North America, and celebrated 300% sales growth in the past 12 months. That gives us awareness at the hotel chain and ownership level, which has been a huge factor for improving sales and industry recognition in North America. As a result, we have acheived a key milestone and our Sensiq platform has exceeded the NX System platform. We have had growth and penetration in a number of important sectors, in particular the luxury chains like Four Seasons, Warwick International, as well as some great individual property successes, like the Atlantis and the Baha Mar in the Bahamas. As a result, these success stories are bringing the Quadriga product, which was not recognised in this marketplace, to the forefront, making it a competitive player in North America.

How is the Sensiq platform evolving? What’s new?

RT: Sensiq has been evolving both on a software and a hardware level over the past 12 to 15 months. We have been focusing on bringing Sensiq into the integrated set top boxes provided by LG, Samsung and Philips. We were able to do so in our key geographies of the US and EMEA and I think we may be the only company that has a solution across all three brands and three continents. However we still see the importance for a set top box, because we still have a number of customers who appreciate the independence and the increased capabilities that it provides. We are showing a new, more powerful set top box with a smaller form factor at HITEC. When it comes to software, we are focusing on UI customization capabilities. While I believe our system is the most flexible and most powerful in terms of the UI experience, we want to further improve it and give it more power, to create a fresh, regularly changing guest user interface. We are also working on making the IPG more dynamic, making it easier for the guest to find content. The guest will also be able to share his or her own content, and via Miracast, we have the core software elements that can deliver that.

The commitment that Quadriga makes to hoteliers is about maximizing guest satisfaction or maximizing on-property value through guest technology provision.

In terms of new product / ideas, what can we expect to see at HITEC?

CS: There are some major breakthroughs in two main areas: hardware, and content/ services. On the hardware side, 4K televisions are going to be introduced at HITEC for the hospitality industry. They have been out there in the consumer market but they’ve never penetrated into hospitality. We are equipping the new Grand Spokane hotel with 4K in all its guest rooms. That’s an exciting change, because this will enable image quality that most consumers have still not yet experienced. The other item on the hardware side is that there will be many more set top box options to upgrade legacy televisions and infrastructure, and as Roger mentioned, Quadriga is releasing an all-new STB at HITEC. Meanwhile, Over the Top (OTT) services are becoming much more achievable and easier to navigate on the hotel systems of today.

You’ll see some breakthroughs there on the Quadriga booth. Lastly, you’ll see a better integration of Wi-Fi technology with the hardware and the software. So you have Wi-Fi and it’s a managed service allowing the hotelier to learn more about the guest experience, how many devices are being used in a room, where the guest travels, and whether he wants to stay connected in the common areas. The advancements in Wi-Fi management for both bandwidth and usage, and their integration are important changes for 2015.